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  CITRIX LIVE DEMO - Instructions of Use & Access Codes

Precicom’s Live Demo provides the capability of working and testing the Citrix Application Virtualization platform. After connecting to the Demo system a main screen will appear, from which, using the Citrix XenApp software, you can run some common applications, which we have installed to the Live-Demo environment in our company.

It should be noted that your connection to our company’s Servers will be encrypted for its full duration. In order to achieve this, our company has ensured the use of the internationally acclaimed Geotrust QuickSSL Premium certificate. The certificate runs on our systems and no action or installation is required from you.


A) CITRIX technology and the ICA CLIENT

The Citrix technology of remotely delivering applications is based on the following architecture:

1. One or more Windows Servers are installed between the company’s Application Servers and the access terminals of the users which construct the Citrix Farm.

2. On the Citrix Farm are installed the specific clients for every application (ERP, CRM, HR, eMail Client, MS Word, Excel, etc), the Unix Terminal Emulator for Unix applications and the WEB Browser for WEB applications.

3. Users can now activate and run their programs by using the specific client of the application that was installed on Citrix Farm.

In this architecture the communication between Citrix Farm and the users terminals (via WAN, LAN or Internet) is done via the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Citrix Protocol. The Citrix ICA Client is responsible for the encryption, the compression on (encryption), to compress the transferred data (data compression) and to transfer via the communication link only the keyboard stokes, the mouse clicks and the screen changes. In this way very satisfactory transfers are achieved even using lines with very low bandwidth (it requires only ≈20Κ for each connection). The client is using TCP Port 443 for communication.

B) ICA CLIENT installation
It is required to install the ICA Client (“Citrix Receiver”) in order to connect your terminal to the Citrix Live-Demo environment, which you can download and install from the following links (you can then uninstall it via the Windows “Add-Remove Programs”):

For Windows environment you select “Windows”. For MAC, Linux, Android, BrackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, … select the relevant leagues links.

C) Access Codes
After installing the Citrix ICA Client, you can access the Citrix Live-Demo environment using the following:

WEB Page:
User Name: demo
Password: demo

In case that you experience delays, due to possible access by a large number of simultaneous users, please contact us to the tel. 210-6816160 or to the email:

PRECICOM S.A. --- Αg. Paraskeuis 121, 152 34 Chalandri --- Τel.: +30 210 68 16 160 (12 Lines) - E-Mail: