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    Data Backup

    Η Data Backup
    Precicom is specialized in documenting and evaluating needs, in designing and integrating Backup and Recovery solutions for a plethora of applications and electronic data processing infrastructure.

    Our long experience in the field of Backup (Tapes or Disks), as well as the best technological Software we offer, that guarantee to the customer an absolutely successful installation, which satisfies the needs and expectations.

    Even if the Backup products of Symantec company (NetBackup & BackupExec) are the initially preferred technologies by our company, we always try to design the best possible solution for our customers, independently of the Software which will be finally used. So we could design the most appropriate solution to other Software platforms and consult and help our customers to its integration.

    Precicom technicians that specialize in Data Protection are constantly training and studying the novel developments in Backup technologies, in order to be ready to provide the best possible information for a successful installation.

    Data Archiving
    E-mail messages and data files Storage and management had become a very important need for many organizations, especially if the protection of these files is correlated to legal issues. No matter if the protection of your company’s files is correlated or not to legal issues, you can have multiple advantages from a data storage solution which can be provided by Precicom.
    Precicom can help you evaluate correctly your storage needs for your data files and emails and to design an integrated solution, based on of the internationally acclaimed data storage platforms.

    Our company’s specialized technicians are constantly trained to the most current developments of the data storage field and can subsequently help you in all stages of such a project, like: design, monitoring functions, integration and installation for productive operation.

    PRODUCTS: Symantec - BackupExec, NetBackup, Enterprise Vault

    Backup & Archiving Solutions Disaster Recovery Solutions Virus Protection & E-Mail Security Firewalls & WEB Security

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