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    As IT infrastructures grow in complexity through the use of varying technology platforms, IT organizations are continuously challenged to meet their service levels for critical business services.
    Enterprises and service providers need monitoring solutions that can track the end-to-end health and availability of these challenging business services while delivering the right information to the appropriate users.
    Precicom S.A. realizing the need for such a tool, has made an alliance with eG Innovations to provide the product and the needed implementation and support services of their “eG Enterprise” solution.

    eG Enterprise is a business service monitoring and management solution for IT infrastructures. It is the first point of contact to determine whether there is a problem with one of the critical business services. If there is a problem, eG Enterprise provides additional detail to help identify which domain(s) is responsible for the problem – i.e., is it the network, or the database, or the application, or storage, or the virtualization tier?

    By helping in quick identification of the bottleneck, eG Enterprise helps administrators to rapidly zoom into the root-cause of a problem, and ensures that only the right administrators need be involved in fixing a problem. In other words, by differentiating the cause and effect of problems the service management solution ensures that administrators are focused on the cause of the problem and not distracted by the effects.

    eGEnterprise does not replace all the existing domain-specific administration and monitoring tools. Instead, it complements these existing expert solutions.

    eGEnterprise is intended to be used by the level 1 support staff. Hence, it is designed to be easy to use and does not require a great deal of expertise to operate.

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