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    There are some acceptable parameters that must be taken into account in order to evaluate the technology infrastructure of a company:
    1. Companies, under their current form and as they seem to be in the near future, have developed mechanisms monitoring costs but do not monitor the value provided by the infrastructure.
    2. Only a few companies have procedures that allow them to evaluate the advantages and benefits of new technologies.
    Clearly, there are gradations in the process. There are companies that have developed procedures and are pioneers, but the majority is in a middle state.

    The evolution of companies to modernize their technology infrastructure is based on an important trend which is the differentiation of their IT department, which in the past was only generating costs and seen as an unavoidable investment. Nowadays the head of the IT department must show the value of his work, must show that the infrastructure is not a costs "black hole", but in the very end contributes to the development of the company. So, we are discussing about a smart infrastructure that can be associated with the company’s requirements and the organizations procedures as a whole. This is a very complex procedure that requires changes in organizing and functional level and cannot be achieved in a few days.

    The assistance provided by Precicom in modernizing and developing companies’ infrastructure is to associate the infrastructure with the organization’s processes and propose products and solutions with specific characteristics. We have concrete examples and specific functions, in order to deliver our promises to our customers, and this is, the flexibility required by an Adapting Company.

    For the near future we can predict, however, three factors that will play a great role in the company’s operation: Flexibility, security and availability. Those factors are covered either from our basic philosophy or from our products, solutions and supporting mechanisms.

    Servers & Storage Computer Room & Data Center Construction Structural Cabling Uninterrupted Power Solutions (Generators – UPS)

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