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    Independently from the fact that your electronic data processing environment consists from ultra-dense server blades or stand alone rack mounted and tower servers of various manufacturers, you can be sure that our consultants can provide you all the required services, which include:
    • Planning and sizing
    • Configuration
    • Deployment
    • Load Balancing

    • Remote Services
    • Monitoring
    • Storage integration
    • Vendor-specific tools and utilities

    Our technicians are also very well trained and have the necessary experience in order to provide you with solutions of consolidating multiple Servers in a Virtual Server Farm using server virtualization, adding, in this way, value to the objectives and requirements of any Server Virtualization project, which might interest your company.

    Company’s data are without doubt the heart of today’s digital environment. Data Storage solutions are top priority projects for IT Departments, because the integrity, availability and protection of the company’s data are of vital importance for the productivity and success of the company.

    By integrating a Data Storage System in your IT infrastructure, the role of Servers becomes less important, because they now act as peripherals of the Storage systems.

    Even if the need of existence of a Storage System is obvious, it is not always clear which is the appropriate solution for the company. There are plenty of available alternative solutions, appropriate to satisfy not only your specific needs, but also your long-term company targets.

    The role of our company’s consultants is to analyze the nature of your data and make an assessment of your companies’ present and future needs, in order to propose a solution, which fits perfectly to your exact environment.

    PRODUCTS: Hewlett Packard, IBM, EMC2

    Servers & Storage Computer Room & Data Center Construction Structural Cabling Uninterrupted Power Solutions (Generators – UPS)

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