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    A structural cabling installation consists of a set of cables and equipment (outlets, patch panels, etc.) which is used for the transmission of information (data, voice, image) in a Local Area Network.

    With the evolution of computer technology today’s networks must support complex applications and high speed protocols that bring high standards of quality in respect to speed and response. The term structural cabling characterizes a series of regulations and standards internationally recognized which applied in the planning, designing, installation and certification of low voltage wiring for unified voice and data network systems.

    PRECICOM, in order to provide complete integrated solutions, has technical advisers who follow the evolution in the field of network wiring systems and are able to provide reliable solutions that are always at the cutting edge of technology.

    Our specialized and experienced staff studies the needs and requirements of the customer and inspects the physical space available, designs the network in order to satisfy the requirements in functionality, reliability, performance and expandability. Performs the installations using materials from a wide range of reliable manufactures and finally certifies that the network operates according to specifications before delivering the project to the customer.

    In cases where the customer has contracted his own electricians for the installation, PRECICOM provides the planning and the designing of the network. In this case our engineers supervise the implementation and provide guidance in order to fully comply with the specifications and on completion certify the installation.

    Servers & Storage Computer Room & Data Center Construction Structural Cabling Uninterrupted Power Solutions (Generators – UPS)

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