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    The need for protection from interruptions, outages and problems of various transient phenomena in electrical power circuits in relation to the increased use of computers, nowadays, is the reason for introducing the need of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.

    The UPS systems perform two main functions:
    • Stores power to batteries to cover for the absence of mains electric power.
    • Regulates and stabilizes the output level of both voltage and frequency.
    Our technicians, with their knowledge that required for supporting computer systems can select and install the best solution for your business according to your needs and requirements for protection and time autonomy of the systems.

    The requirements for longer power autonomy of systems are established with the addition of power generators. The parallel operation of generators, UPS or a combination thereof, requires special installation.

    Our company, having designed the installation and the electric automation, supplies, transport and installs the equipment in place, performs the necessary wiring and automation panel installation and constructs any required ventilation for the generator.

    PRODUCTS UPS: APC, Powerware-Eaton

    Servers & Storage Computer Room & Data Center Construction Structural Cabling Uninterrupted Power Solutions (Generators – UPS)

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