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      CLOUD HOSTED SERVICES --- Cloud Hosted Backup as a Service (BUaaS)
    Cloud Hosted Backup Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery Cloud Hosted Customer Infrastructure


    Transfer copies of your data outside your premises using a simple Internet connection and store them, encrypted, in a totally secure Data Center, without any modification of your IT systems.

    DS-Client, Discovery & Configuration: The Data-Store Client (DS-Client) is the only software that has to be installed on a server at the Customer site. After the initial Discovery Process is completed, Files, Databases Mailboxes and Data to be backed up are selected and the backup methodology and scheduling are defined.

    Agentless Solution: The process does not require any agent to be installed into the backed up systems (Desktops, Laptops, Physical and Virtual Servers, Application / Database Servers). Updating the DS-Client with newer versions of the agents is done automatically by the Data-Center.

    Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore: Data can be sent directly to the Data-Center, or can be stored locally on the DS-Client Server and then transferred to the Data Center.

    Backup & Restore over Internet: At the start-up of the service, the initial data are sent to the Data-Center using physical media. After that, the process is transferring only the changes of the data. By using Deduplication, Compression and Bandwidth Optimization technologies the backup process is therefore quick, absolutely safe and feasible even over bad lines or lines with small bandwidth.

    Data Integrity & High Availability: Repeated checks during the transfer process ensure the integrity of the stored data, with auto alerting in case of error. Data are stored on clustered and redundant Storages at the Data-Center. Additionally, the data are also replicated at the Data-Center’s Disaster Recovery Site (a 2nd similar Data-Center, established in Greece, too).

    Encryption & Security: Data are always encrypted (during transfer to the Data-Center and while are stored there). The system provides up to 256 AES encryption, (FIPS 140-2 certified) and only the customer knows the keys.

    24x7x356 Support: In case of a data loss at the customer site, if the require data are not present on the local DS-Client Server or the restore time over Internet exceeds the pre-agreed time (SLA), the data are sent to the Customer by physical media. Data Center also provides additional information (Status Report), such as start and end backup time, lists of stored data, etc.

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