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      CLOUD HOSTED SERVICES --- Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
    Cloud Hosted Backup Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery Cloud Hosted Customer Infrastructure


    Create a corporate Disaster Recovery site into the Cloud, without investing in new equipment and use it when you need it using any type of terminal device from anywhere you are.

    Project Definition: Definition of the critical equipment (Servers, Operating Systems, Databases, files) needed and the migration process required to initiate the Disaster Recovery site into the Cloud.

    Disaster Recovery Servers: The standby Servers will be Virtual Machines (VMs) on the Data-Center’s existing infrastructure.

    Disaster Recovery Terminals: The terminals that will be used in case of a Disaster Recovery will be Virtual Desktops, activated on the Data-Center’s existing Citrix infrastructure (the world leader platform in Application and Desktop Virtualization & Remote Access). Using Citrix infrastructure we can have access to all the applications and data from anywhere (home, back office), via wired (WAN) or wireless (3G Wireless) connections, and by using any terminal (PC, Laptop, Thin-Client, Tablet PC, Mobile, iPAD, iPhone, BlackBerry, ...).

    Proof-Of-Concept (POC): Implementation of the corporate Disaster Recovery Site in the Cloud and delivery to the customer in full operational mode. Definition of the procedures for continuous data, Applications and Operating Systems updates.

    SLA: Definition of the number of users and the time frame needed for the Cloud Disaster Recovery infrastructure to be available for them.

    • The usage of the "Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery" and the "Cloud Hosted Backup" services are the ideal combination to ensure that both critical corporate data, and corporate operations are always available, especially if the existing IT infrastructure is old and the probability of a disaster is much greater.

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