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      CLOUD HOSTED SERVICES ---Cloud Hosted Customer Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS)
    Cloud Hosted Backup Cloud Hosted Disaster Recovery Cloud Hosted Customer Infrastructure


    Transfer your IT infrastructure into the Cloud and provide your users the same environment from anywhere they are by utilizing Citrix technologies, the leading platform for fast reliable and secure remote access.

    Infrastructure: Initial cost (CAPEX) for the purchase of additional Hardware and Software is not required (Servers, Storages, Backup Devices, Software Windows 2003/2008 Server, Software Citrix, etc). The ideal solution for companies with old or out of warranty IT infrastructure.

    High-Availability: The Cloud infrastructure is provided with 99.99% availability. There aren’t therefore down-times or additional costs for standby systems, UPS, etc.

    Συντήρηση: All costs for updates and upgrades of the provided Hardware and Software infrastructure are included in the monthly fee.

    Maintenance & Support: Both corporate data, and access to them are completely secured by the Data-Center infrastructure (Redundant Backup / Restore infrastructure, state-of-art Firewalls, Encrypted Remote Connections, etc.).

    Scalability: Do you need more users or more RAM and CPUs / Cores in the Server (Virtual Machine)? You just inform us and the upgrades are soon available with a simple increase in your monthly cost.

    Centralization: The Clients of your business applications (ERP, CRM, eMail, MS Office, etc.) are installed centrally on the Cloud Citrix infrastructure and not on your terminals. Only the mouse-clicks and keystrokes are transferred via the communication lines and not the corporate data. This makes the solution fast and safe, thus reducing both the cost of telecommunications, and also the maintenance and support of the terminals.

    Terminals: The existing Desktops, Laptops or Thin-Clients (PCs without disk), can be used as user terminals. Additionally, almost all mobile devices (iPAD, iPhone, Tablet Pcs, etc.) can be used to access the corporate data from home or from anywhere there is a Wired or Wireless Internet connection.

    Financial: The monthly cost associated with the service considered as a direct corporate operational expense (OPEX).

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