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    If you are struggling with the complexity and the large costs of managing user desktops in your company, then you are a possible candidate for using Desktop Virtualization.

    Desktop Virtualization uses the VDI technology (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), which allows desktop workloads (Operating System, Applications, User Data) to be centralized, tailored to each user’s needs and delivered anywhere, to any PC or user access device (Mobile, Thin Client), that support remote management protocols.

    Thin-Clients are compact and low consumption computing devices, without a hard drive, which can be used to access a network. Those terminals connect to a specific access Server (i.e. Citrix Server), which process all data relevant to users. In this way, Thin-Clients can provide the power of a PC without everyday’s complexity and the risks associated by them.

    Precicom offers a variety of Thin Client products in order to satisfy needs for various deployments. Specifically it recommends the use of Thin Clients as access devices in environments with remote users that use Application and Desktop Virtualization technologies.

    Although it is possible to redeploy old desktops as access devices, maximum advantages are achieved by using Thin Clients, which provide better security, easier management, high reliability and lower acquisition cost (Total Cost of Ownership - TCO).

    Precicom’s specialized consultants can provide you all the required help for planning and creating one centralized, secure and fully manageable infrastructure of distributed virtual desktops, which will be easy to use, simple to manage and will ensure the business continuity of the company.

    PRODUCTS: Citrix XenDesktop, Hewlett Packard Thin Clients, Wyse Thin Clients

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