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    Server Virtualization is nowadays one of the most discussed technologies between IT Managers. It is an operation where multiple and independent Virtual Operating Systems (Virtual Machines) running concurrently on a single physical computer. This allows businesses to maximize the use of their physical resources, in order to have the maximum possible advantage of their hardware investment. The majority of physical servers usually use 12%-15% of their capacity, while servers that are used to host Virtual Machines usually operate at 80% of their capacity and use approximately 10% of the amount of hardware.

    The majority of companies decide to use Server Virtualization for the following two reasons:
    • High availability of some servers (e.g. Mail Server, WEB Server, etc).
    • Minimization of acquisition and management costs (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership) of their equipment and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI). Companies understand today that buying another physical server is not cost effective.

    For many customers the main issue is the cost to virtualize and consolidate their infrastructure and what implications could this transition have in everyday operation of the company

    Precicom’s consultants will assist by performing a budgetary study and will explain the installation processes for the whole project.

    Additionally, we are always available for demonstrating a virtualized environment in our offices, as well as to install a demo system in your place and virtualize some of your server in order to show how simple and effective Server Virtualization can be.

    PRODUCTS: Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV

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